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The Perfect Proposal

It was back in September when I received a phone call from a good friend, Jennifer Degge. She had been contemplating whether or not, she should go on a date with a guy named Drew Russell. While sitting in traffic in LA, I kept telling Jenn that I have this weird feeling that you need to go out with him, because you will marry this man! Luckily, it didn’t take her long to decide, but it was the best decision she has made for herself thus far. I have known Jenn for almost a decade, and we both have watched each other grow into the women we are today. Jennifer has been through a lot the past few years, and for Drew to walk into her life at the moment he did, was a message from the Man above. If you were to ask me to describe Jenn, I would say she is sweet, sassy, smart, extremely outgoing, and incredibly nurturing. If you were to ask me to describe Drew, I would say he is calm, loving, driven, and I might praise him for a minute and say he is the “World Champion in Cow Chip Throwing!” Believe me…this is a real thing. I use to tell people that I had a feeling Jenn and Drew would be engaged by May, and all be darn…that is exactly what happened!

Drew approached me on March 28, 2015 by sending me a lovely text message while I was coordinating the wedding day of one of Jenn’s close friends, Malarie Jackson. He says “We need to talk! We need to plan this proposal!” I was so excited he had asked me to be a part of this special occasion, because I knew that like myself, Jenn was a huge dog lover, and she would have wanted nothing more than to have her sweet little Westie, Bella, to share in the proposal experience. Jenn has experienced a few losses in her life the past few years, and her little girl has been right there by her side throughout it all. Drew and I knew the importance of making sure that she was incorporated. We met at Cool Greens one afternoon about five weeks ago to begin the planning process. We decided we would get a dog name tag with Drew’s last name on one side and “Will You Marry Me” on the other. Since we wanted to keep the proposal a very intimate experience between the two of them, we contacted Amanda Watson, who is an incredibly talented photographer to capture this magical moment in their life, so that they could cherish the photos and share with their loved ones. We knew she would be the perfect fit for the proposal!

Sunday, May 17, 2015 couldn’t have been a more beautiful day out! The sun was shining, low winds, and the landscaping at the Myriad Gardens was on point! Amanda and I arrived to the location we had selected for the proposal, and as she blended into the crowd enjoying the gardens, I went inside for hiding at the Park House Restaurant. We both spotted Jenn, Drew, and Bella walk around the corner. Jenn allowed Bella to chase a squirrel around, and as they walked down the path to the proposal, Jenn couldn’t resist but take a few more selfies of the two of them. Jenn LOVES pictures! This is not uncommon of her to do. As they approached the designated area, Amanda Watson pulled out her camera and began capturing their special moment. Drew drops the name tag into the grass and tells Jenn that he thinks Bella’s dog tag came off. As they search to find it, she picks it up and at first doesn’t think it is Bella’s….then…it hits her. Drew gets down on one knee, says a few sweet words, pulls out the beautiful ring, and pops the big question! It didn’t take but a second, and Jenn was so ecstatic, she said YES!! As her hands and knees were shaking in excitement, Drew places the ring on Jenn’s finger, and the rest is history! I decided to pop out from the restaurant, and let her know I was in on the secret. She was pretty happy to see me there, and within a minute, she popped the big question, “Will you be my Matron of Honor!?!”…..Well… Of Course, I will!!

I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of the perfect proposal for Jenn and Drew. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness and lots of love! Cheers to your future, and let’s start planning this wedding!

Photo Credit: Amanda Watson Photography.









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