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Lovely Lavender Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Featured on Style Me Pretty 2015

Through the beauty of nature arises a lavender inspired shoot. When designing this inspiration shoot, putting together a team of talented and creative artists was key in capturing our vision of using nature as the perfect canvas for a wedding day.

The natural light peeking through the intertwined trees and the serenity of the water influenced the vision behind this shoot. Different hues of lavender and green are seen throughout to compliment the earth tones in its surroundings. The idea behind this shoot is a walk down memory lane for the bride on her wedding day. As you transition from different vignettes, memories from her wedding day are shared.

Vintage pieces such as the gorgeous settee, end table, and chandelier from Jam Events and Productions, were chosen to add charm and romance to the setting. With nature being one of our main elements to the design, it was vital that the gown and the bridesmaid dresses had plenty of movement and fluidity. This was top on our wardrobe priority list. There is always something magical about seeing a dress sway in the wind! The day of the shoot, like most days in Oklahoma, we had plenty of wind. Watching the bride’s gown from the talented designer, Allure, and the bridesmaids’ dresses from designer, Bill Levkoff flow in the breeze gave motion to the design. An aqua colored jewel was selected for the wedding ring from BC Clark Jewelers as a dual purpose. We chose the aqua stone to tie in with the water scene of the wedding, and to add a new take on the something blue.

Gorgeous, lush florals designed by Tony Foss Flowers, are seen throughout the vignettes. The stunning bridal bouquet incorporates the popular king protea flowers to add drama along with some classic favorites, and hung above the boardwalk across the pond, a picturesque swing covered in greenery and roses.

The powerful floral became the blueprint for stationery by Touie’s Design. The soft color palette with the shades of pink, purple, and green were beautifully arranged to create a pattern that would later influence our detailed cake design, too. The watercolor style of the floral on the stationery would translate into an intricate part of the hand painted layer of the cake. As the top gold layer sparkled in the sun, your eyes move down to the intricate watercolor floral pattern hand painted by Mishelle Handy. The greenery that was placed around the cake base, not only ties in the landscaping around it, but also helps make the cake stand out even more. The lilac floral atop is the perfect pop of color. Placing the cake in the water was a natural choice as the illusion of a floating cake created a tranquil added touch, while drawing in the water to the overall design.

The log bench and wood table showcase a rustic style, but the ghost chairs were used to marry it with a modern style. The gorgeous calligraphy cut out signs behind the bride and groom seats are a modern taken on the traditional “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs. The vintage style is seen throughout the place setting arrangements that were selected from Vintage Tabletop Rentals, to incorporate the romantic and timeless moment in the Bride’s life.

Song of Soloman 3:4 was the inspiration for the dessert bar. We wanted to show bride’s an easy DIY, new take on an old piece by reviving a vanity and bringing it to life. The bride’s something old can be beautifully transformed into their something new with this piece. The mirrored segment of the vanity was painted with chalk paint, and calligraphy by Sooner Calligraphy. Mishelle Handy Cakes showcased dessert items each on its own platform to highlight the detailed dessert art. Tony Foss Flowers filled drawers with florals once again weaving the lavender theme through each piece.

Sheradee Hurst Photography and Aisle Be With You wedding planning chose to photograph this shoot using film to compliment the colors chosen and to show bride’s the richness that film photography provides. Like the vanity, something considered old is once again becoming something new as film photography is becoming more popular with brides. Dewberry Cinema caught the joyful essence of the shoot at every turn of the walk through this Lavender Love Story. Please visit the link below to see the featured shoot!

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Photos By: Sheradee Hurst Photography

Video By: Dewberry Cinema

Thank You to all the wonderful vendors: Tony Foss Flowers, Sheradee Hurst Photography, Dewberry Cinema, Chelsey Ann Artistry, Ali Earnheart, Moliere Bridal, BC Clark Jewelers, Touies Designs, Sooner Calligraphy, Mishelle Handy Cakes, Jam Events and Productions, Vintage Tabletop Rentals, Host and Toast Studio, Madeline Maye, Riley Meyer, Meredith Brander, and the Aisle Be With You Team!



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